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June 28, 2015





June 26, 2016




Art of the Car Concours Program

Nearly 7,000 people attended the Art of the Car Concours® this year, many from far beyond our region. These include major automobile collectors, many of whom are also potential purchasers of other collectables including fine art and jewelry. Others are visitors not familiar with our city who are looking for ideas for outings, dining, and shopping services. Our program presents a unique opportunity to reach this desirable demographic via advertising.

The program is a full-color magazine. It is filled with features and photographs of interest to both serious connoisseurs and casual observers. These include descriptions of significant cars that will appear at the 2016 event as well as a complete list of the previous year’s winners including images. Because of this, the event book is passed from hand to hand, and often kept for future reference. Its effectiveness as a marketing tool lasts well beyond the day of the Concours.