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Exhibitor Application

Exhibitor Application

The Art Of The Car Concours® is by invitation only. We invite those vehicles that we feel best exemplify a wide variety of representative vintage automobiles, race cars, hot rods, trucks, motorcycles, pedal/electric cars, and bicycles. Several factors are taken into consideration for accepting a vehicle for the Art of the Car Concours®. The following information and guidelines will help clarify the consideration given to each vehicle.

Vehicles newer than 1976 are generally not considered for the Concours. Vehicles are to be ‘original’ in nature. They can be restored to original type configuration. Modified or resto-rods will not be accepted. Replicas, clones, and tributes of original vehicles will not be accepted. Very high performance supercars of any year such as Audi R8, Bugatti (post 1987), Ferrari Enzo, Lamborghini, McLaren, Mercedes SLS, Porsche 918 Speedster, etc. will be considered. Exhibitors are encouraged to not submit Applications for vehicles displayed on the show field in 2015.

Here is a list of examples of what would not be accepted. While not complete, it does provide some background.

  • An original 1950 Mercury with a ’63 Chevy engine
  • A fiberglass or steel 1932 Ford replica
  • An original 1960 Austin Healey that has been customized with a custom interior, exterior or engine
  • A 1965 Mustang fastback modified to simulate a 1965 Shelby GT350

If you would like to have a vehicle considered, please observe the following steps:

  1. No more than 180 automobiles and trucks will be selected. No more than 40 vintage motorcycles or bicycles will be selected. The earlier you submit your vehicle for consideration, the better. Individuals that wait until the deadline usually find the field has been set.
  2. Submit three photos (one exterior (HIGH DEFINITION QUALITY - ex. Scan at 200. Make longest dimension 9.5 inches), one interior and one engine compartment. Motorcycles and bicycles need only two photos, one of each side. Due to the volume received, photos cannot be returned.
  3. Include a brief history of the vehicle.
  4. Application fee must be submitted with each entry

Please click here to submit your application and photos online. For your convenience, the application fee can now also be paid online after completion of your application. Upon clicking “Submit” on your application, you will be prompted with a payment screen. Please follow all payment instructions. **For multiple car applications, please complete one form for each vehicle.

In addition to online submissions, we will still be accepting applications received via mail or email. To mail or email an application, please download the application here and send the completed application form with photos and $100 application fee for autos, hot rods, trucks, fire trucks, and race cars; $50 application fee for motorcycles; and $20 application fee for pedal/electric cars, to Art of the Car Concours, 4929 Main Street, Kansas City, MO 64112, or email application and photos to and mail check separately. Checks are made payable to Art of the Car Concours. Confirmation of acceptance will be sent upon approval by the Exhibition Committee. Application fees will be refunded upon request if vehicle is not accepted. Space is limited. Preference will be given to early applications.

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