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Kansas City Art Institute

Kansas City Art Institute

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The Art of the Car Concours supports the Kansas City Art Institute Scholarship Fund.

The Kansas City Art Institute is one of the primary drivers of a vibrant Kansas City arts community. Situated between two other major arts institutions, the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art and the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, its setting provides an inspiring campus for students of the arts.

It all began in 1885 when a group of Kansas Citians started a Sketch Club ”to talk over art matters in general and to judge pictures.” This nucleus grew to what would become a distinguished four-year college of art and design presently known as The Kansas City Art Institute. The Art Institute purchased the August R. Meyer estate, including its 8.5 acre grounds, in 1927 after operating in other locations. Since 1996, the Kansas City Art Institute has completed improvements to the campus totaling more than $27 million providing today’s students both invigorating surroundings and a wide range of course options to prepare them for their careers in the arts.

With the recognition that some cars in history have risen from industrial design to fine art, the Art of the Car Concours® has been held since 2007 on the grounds of the Art Institute among its historic buildings and outdoor sculpture gardens. This allows both cognoscenti and casual observer alike to view vehicles representing the finest in design and engineering since the dawn of the automobile age.

Concours around the country benefit charities in their area. There are usually several recipients and they often change from year to year. The Art of the Car Concours has chosen a different path. We are a non-profit corporation recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Missouri. Our sole beneficiary is the Kansas City Art Institute Scholarship Fund, which receives the net proceeds of the Concours. Since 95% of KCAI students receive some form of financial aid, we are proud to contribute to assuring students the help they need to complete their professional education.

We invite you to donate directly to the Kansas City Art Institute at Kansas City, Missouri.